About Us

Our Church
When we stop to talk to someone on the street or in the shelters in Portland, Maine and introduce ourselves as street pastors, they ask "So, where is your church?" We tell them we are a walking ministry -- "the church is right here!"   We bring compassion and communion to the street and the people there who feel estranged from traditional churches.

In the spring of 2006 two ordained, UCC pastors felt Spirit-driven to begin a ministry with the marginalized and homeless in downtown Portland, Maine. Our main focus was to learn how we could be pastors in this community, to remember the sacred in the midst of it all, and to decrease the imagined and real boundaries between those who have little materially and those who have much.

About Our Clergy
Rev. Mair Honan, a graduate of Bangor Theological Seminary, is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. She is co-founder and pastor of Grace-Street Ministry in Portland, Maine. She is the author of "Walking in the Realm of Miracles", a series of reflections on street ministry. Her two rascal granddaughters are a major joy in her life.

Robert Ross (Bob) is co-Pastor, Grace-Street Ministry. He holds M.Div. (2013, Bangor Theological Seminary) and Ph.D. (1987, Yale University, Sociology) degrees and is preparing (2014) for ordination in the United Church of Christ (Oxford Union Association, Maine Conference). Through 2013 he worked 22 years in the patient- and population-oriented health sciences. He is the father of two good sons, Kayvon, age 32, and Eli, age 17.